【DIARY】I decided it.

080723_sunFlower.jpgI think that I decide it within this year.
I hope that I can get holiday in weekend.
I look for it once again by next summer if it seems to be difficult for me to decide it till autumn is over.
I think that I should not decide it hastily even if I want to decide it early.
As for that it is very very important for me & our family & all friends.
Please pray for me and I will send you the splendid news.
Kindest regards,



  1. ナキー∞ より:

    May you succeed!
    Best Wishes,

  2. kimoto より:

    Surely I will succeed!
    I pray.

  3. やまぱ より:

    greatfull decision!
    you trast your will.
    i don’t only pray,but hope.


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